I had previously enrolled in the ASc Paralegal Programme at a University. Very soon thereafter, extreme circumstances forced me to drop out, but my heart was always bent on pursuing paralegal studies.I learned about the Cayman Islands Paralegal Certificate Programme (Micro Matrix) - which has earned accreditation from the United Kingdom Institute of Paralegals - through a friend and decided to pursue the course with that institution.   It has been one of my best decisions ever.  As someone with a family and a full-time job, it can be very challenging, especially with extra time being devoted to studies. This seven-month web-based programme was just right and it allowed me the opportunity to fulfil my goal.The topics were exciting and challenging and they provided me with a foundation of knowledge and proficiency in the areas of law.  Micro Matrix has taught me wonderful skills, which I have been able to apply to my current job and which has also led me to an opportunity of gaining new employment as a “Paralegal” with a major Law Firm.I would like to thank Micro Matrix for the opportunity it has given me. I highly recommend Micro Martix to anyone who wants to pursue paralegal studies. It’s short, affordable, challenging, and effective. The tutors are wonderful, understanding, always ready to lend a helping hand and are only an email away! I cannot think of a more efficient way to learn.
Arlene Mercurius - Antigua - 2012

The material was concise and straightforward.  This is an approved paralegal course the only one fully on-line in the Cayman Islands.   It is an excellent way to get a Paralegal Certificate on your own time studying while working or taking care of kids at home. Many thanks to Sandra our teacher for her patience and support!

 Adrienn Sergios - Cayman Islands - 2013

The scope of the Course covered a variety of legal disciplines, equating to second year law school level. Assignments were marked and graded and critiques provided by the Administrator. Periodic guidance sessions were convened by the Administrator via “Go to Meeting” format. In addition, the Administrator provided encouragement to participants so as to assist with their success. Overall, I found the Course to be excitingly challenging but never academically overwhelming (it does require significant personal commitment, especially for one who can only dedicate evenings or week-ends). The on-line arrangements provided by the Administrator were convenient and adequate, and the encouragement was valuable. I found the Course to be exceptional, including the cost thereof.

Kerith McCoy - Acting CEO Cayman Islands Airport Authority - Cayman Islands 2013

The paralegal online course offered by Micro Matrix on line is something I would recommend to anyone who is interested in pursuing a paralegal certificate course.  You are given detailed assignments which involves a lot of research.  I especially enjoyed this aspect of the course, as I learnt a lot, found it to be  challenging and it greatly improved my research skills. I was exposed to many different areas of the law such as tort, contracts, and the criminal justice system- just to name a few- which, previously I was unaware of.   The beauty of this course is that you are able to work at your own pace in order to complete a given assignment. I am positive that this certificate course will give anyone who is interested in this area of the legal field, the necessary tools, confidence and that ‘extra edge’ to land that job.  Thanks to Sandra Catron for providing this course online, which is affordably priced and very comprehensive.


Gail Rickman - Cayman Islands - 2012

The Paralegal program offered by Mirco Matrix has proven to be a successful part of my self development, as this program offers flexibility and convenience which is essential for a young parent like me.  Also, Ms. Sandra has been patient, professional, and courteous when dealing with any queries that I might have on my given assignments.  I am truly happy with the program not only because it has broaden my horizon with the knowledge I have gained thus far but it has helped me with the development of my research skills which is definitely needed in this field of work.

Glorida Ebanks - Cayman Islands - 2013


I enjoyed and benefited from the on-line Paralegal course with Micro-Matrix.  The materials were very informative and the course helped me gain experience in areas where I was lacking, and reinforced other skills I use daily in my profession.  The assignments were challenging at times however support was always provided.   I highly recommend the Paralegal Certificate Course to anyone.


Wendy M. 2013

When I was informed about the Cayman Islands Paralegal Certificate Programme, Micro Matrix, I was very excited about pursuing the course.  I definitely have no regrets.  It was the perfect choice for me with a young family and afforded me the opportunity to realize my goal.  The duration of the course was perfect, a course of seven months.  The Topics were challenging and thought provoking.  It provided me with the foundation and knowledge needed to make me proficient in the areas of Law.  The Tutors were always available and willing to give assistance when needed. I am grateful to Micro Matrix for offering this excellent opportunity.  I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in pursuing a course in Paralegal Studies.


Myrtle A Smith, Anguilla 2014

The Paralegal program allowed me to study locally while balancing a busy work/life schedule. This program has been an asset to my practical application of Law in business. I found the course to be challenging, comprehensive and well rounded.

Jacqui, Businesswoman, -  Cayman Islands - 2014

"I wanted to get an introduction to the world and work of paralegals and this course has fulfilled that and more. It was very comprehensive and covered all introductory aspects in the field of law."

Sophia M. - Cayman Islands 2015

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